Casey and Craig

Over the past couple years, while doing event/wedding planning I have come across many different types of couples. Casey and Craig by far are the most outgoing and free spirited! Truly a joy being the coordinator on their special day!


Amazing photography by Alison Church

The song says "love is a two way street"

but you see in this situation I beg to differ

For at this crossroad we've decided to join

hand in hand

heart in heart

mind in mind

body in body

spirit in spirit

down this one way lane

For when we came to the crossroad it was decided that there was no turning back

As we made this RIGHT turn every step we took would be beside one another

Sometimes I'd carry him or he'd carry me but we'd do it together

Love can't be a two way street because we could end up in different places

but when you consider love to be a ONE-WAY

There is no choice but to to ride that lane with the person you can't leave without!