Top 5 Budgeting Tips for Your Special Event

There are a few key things you can do in order to save cash while planning your wedding or special event! Budgeting for an event doesn't mean that it can't be spectacular! Follow these tips and you will be on your way to having the best day ever while keeping a little cash in your pocket along the way.

#1- Cut your list!

This may be the hardest of all of the tips to follow, but cutting your list means everyone is NOT and CAN NOT be invited. Think logically here, not emotionally. Remember that this day is special to you and your future husband or wife. Don't invite people who you know are not truly there to share in your special day but are only there for a free meal and some entertainment. Let those people stay at home while you keep the extra cash to spend on your honeymoon.

#2-Stay true to your priority list!

During my initial consultation with a bride and groom I have everyone write down and verbalize a specific list of priorities. This way we all know what is most important to you about the day and can allocate funds to each priority appropriately. By doing this, you are sure to spend less money on a cake that you could care less about and more on the awesome band you want to perform at the reception.

#3 - Food stations or buffet instead of plated dinner.

Yes, "formal" technically means plated dinner, however I believe you can make food stations or a buffet just as elegant. Today, food stations have become a cost savvy way to have dinner at a reception and also gives your guest more of a variety vs paying for a typical plate of boring old wedding reception chicken... spice things up a bit and get creative with your caterer on what type of food stations you can provide. This will definitely save you a pretty penny!

(esp. if you keep Tip #1 in mind)

#4. -Less flowers...more candles!

Flowers can be extremely pricey and out of season flowers can be even pricier...remember, it doesn't have to look like a botanical garden to feel like a wedding. If you need to save a $1000 or 2 go for the more romantic feel and get creative using lots of candles and other decor elements.

#5 -Get creative with favors/programs/etc. Stick to Multi-use items.

Items used for multiple purposes are definitely the way to go when trying to stick to a budget.  Something as simple as a program fan, which works as both a program and a wedding favor for your guest during the summer is just one way you can save. Instead of paying $2-3 per-person for programs to be made in addition to $4-8/pp. for favors, $600-$1100 for 100ppl, you could spend a mere $2/$300 on a beautiful program fan. That's an easy but effective way to save.