Traditional vs. Non Traditional Wedding

"Every couple deserves to have the event they want, not what we have come to believe is required." - Chérie Ronning

I personally think traditional weddings are always captivating and heartwarming (and predictable...), however Ive learned over time that there are ways to incorporate tradition without cramping your personal style. It's also nice as a new couple to start your own traditions. You may get a disapproving look from Grandma, but think about how much happier you and your fiance would be if you worked together and did it "your" way and not "the" way!

So many break!

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Bride must wear a white wedding it is perfectly fine (fun and unique) to wear something with a little color. Blush, mint, and even black! (yes, I said it) Black dresses can help showcase a brides unique style on the couples big day! It may not be for everyone but if you find yourself stuck while looking for the perfect white gown, let your hair down, relax and let go! Find a dress in your favorite color and express yourself!

Bridesmaid to Groomsmen ratio must be equal...great for pictures, yes, but does it always make sense for the bride and groom? NO. Do what feels right. Select people who you want by your side for the right reasons, not to fill in spaces.

Formal attire is a must...It's fun to play dress up every now and then but if you're both feeling like you want that special day to be a bit more casual, there's nothing wrong with that! It should be all about sharing your love with each other and your guests. And it most certainly doesn't have to be runway show if you don't want it to be.

Formal dinning style is also a must... Again if elegance is what you're after, passed heavy hors d'oeuvres, or chef attended stations are good ways to get your guests to mix and mingle, and can also lead to a more exciting party, while maintaining a posh and elegant style!

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You have to cut a cake...most people do not even understand the meaning behind this one and do it anyway simply because it is "tradition". The Greeks (and Romans) would break bread into tiny pieces over the bride’s head as a symbol of her fertility. Now clearly this is not so today and people have taken on more of a modern meaning. The first task as man and wife together! Either way, its definitely left to your own interpretation.

Brides parents pay for everything...lets be realistic. Today's economy simply does not allow this to even happen for everyone. Today the couple along with the parents help cover the expenses for there special day.

What traditions will be a part of your special day? Are there any that are unique to your family? And I'd love to know what exciting bride is ditching these wedding traditions all together!